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teamGrease Monkey was born out of the need for hassle free cycle maintenance. Our idea was to develop a collection, delivery and courtesy bike service operating from a purpose built workshop in order to provide top drawer, hassle free bike care for you!

Grease Monkey is dedicated to providing the best quality bike maintenance service to keep you pedaling.  Our collection, delivery and courtesy bike service is specifically tailored to avoid disruption to your life when maintaining and caring for your bike. We provide love for all types of bike used by all types of rider; so if you pedal when suited & booted, are all about hucks, or simply love the basket on the front, get in touch.

Our core values

If we were cut in two this is what it would say in the middle;


Integrity – We take pride in providing efficient, professional service on a timescale that fits around your busy life.

Empathy – We love riding as much as you, so we understand the need to get you back in the saddle as quickly as possible.

Authenticity – Face to face or over the phone we’ll be there for you and your bike from start to finish. We’re honest, upfront and professional, if it ain’t broke, we wont fix it.


What we do:

Maintenance optionsSimple Service, The Norm, Full Bhuna or odd jobs
Suspension Servicing – when the bo-ing is gone from your bounce
Emergency – for when you need a quick fix
Open Surgery – drop in clinic open all weekend
Spanner School – learn to DIY


Who we are:





David irons his shirts and loves to cook. However when he is not being domestic, he also has a thing for palindromes and has found them strangely successful in choosing habitation. His favorite bicycle was one owned when he was a kid, complete with rear hub break meaning he could easily do the longest skid in his village.

Since then, his tastes have somewhat refined and his cycling areas of expertise have expanded to back country and bike packing. Other hobbies of his include a “wee bit of everything”. This entails skiing, sailing, climbing- generally anything outdoors!






Stuart is a cold man in the drinking world, no hot beverages will cut it. He enjoying digging bike trails as much as riding them, owning a collection of shovels for such occasions. His areas of cycling expertise being skids and wheelies, his favorite bike to do so on was a 2006 Specialized P1. Aside from cycling, he loves camping and walking .






Joe eats porridge every day for breakfast. He has a scar on his chin (not visible in the photo) that the lead singer of arcade fire gave him, and one on his arm caused by a rabbit warren. His areas of expertise are in single track and fixing wheels. His favorite bicycle he ever owned is his new one, an on-one inbred. Steel frame, 29″ wheels, one gear, carbon fork and light. Apart from riding he also loves climbing, trail running, reading and growing his beard.







*** coming soon! ***








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Stuart is a computer browsing fiend and also owns far too many shoes for a guy (/monkey). His areas of biking expertise are in BMX, fixed gear and road, however his knowledge branches out to many other areas. His favorite bicycle is his 10 year old Santa Cruz Bullit, Fox 36 forks, single ring, used for a lot of speedy downhill. His other hobbies lie in old Volkswagens, currently owning 2.





Alex is the newest addition to the team. Almost always an early riser she however never has time to put matching laces in her shoes. Her expertise is in touring, having toured on four continents in the last six years. Her favorite bike was a green custom build touring bicycle owned for a brief two months and her other hobbies include juggling random objects and playing guitar.









Rory dances worse that most peoples dads. Fact. He can also eat a scary amount of chicken. His areas of biking expertise are in downhill, all mountain and cross country. His first downhill bicycle was a black Santa Cruz V10 called Vanessa. Sadly she snapped when Rory hit a tree during an emergency horizontal stop and he has never quite gotten over her. When he’s not biking he plays American football for the Napier University Knights and East Kilbride Pirates.
Take care and hopefully see you soon!



Big bananas – The Grease Monkey Cycles Team

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