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Who are we?

Grease Monkey is an Active Travel Infrastructure Company based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Why us?

Our business was born out of the need for hassle free cycling. We started with a service centre and then developed our bike repair station to support cycling everywhere. We now supply and manufacture active travel infrastructure products to help everyone ride more and ride happy.

The Grease Monkey team is committed to sustainable solutions which is why we innovate our products and systems constantly to improve their lifecycle as well as reducing our carbon footprint.
Our designers and manufacturers update our products making them easier to use and the safest options on the market.

Grease Monkey’s dedicated team are always happy to assist you in creating the most effective active travel solution, helping us to move closer to becoming a carbon neutral nation.

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Want to talk more about your active travel needs? Send us an enquiry and we will get back to you about the best solutions we can offer.

Meet The Team

Want to get to know the team behind Grease Monkey? Our small team is passionate about all things cycling which make us the perfect supplier for your active travel needs.
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