About Grease Monkey Cycles

Grease Monkey Cycles is an Edinburgh based bicycle and active travel infrastructure company.

Our business was born out of the need for hassle free cycling. We started with a service centre and then developed our bike repair station to support cycling everywhere. Naturally we now supply and manufacture other products to help everyone ride more and ride happy.


David Wray

Managing Director

David irons his shirts and loves to cook. His favourite bicycle was one owned when he was a kid, complete with rear hub brake meaning he could easily do the longest skid in his village.

Since then, his tastes have somewhat refined and his cycling areas of expertise have expanded to back country and bike packing.

 Other hobbies of his include a “wee bit of everything”. This entails skiing, sailing, climbing- generally anything outdoors.

Ali grew up in the great outdoors of Australia. As an avid traveller, she loves exploring the colder regions of the planet having been to both Antarctica and the Arctic. The best place to be? Anywhere on or near water, particularly the sea. 

You’ll usually find her knees-deep in a spreadsheet, on a yoga mat or patting a dog.

Her first bike was bright orange, no gears, back-pedal brakes and she rode it everywhere.  

Ali Rogers

Commercial Manager

Ali Rogers

Alex Kinsley

Maintenance Engineer

Alex is big into mountains, whether it’s mountain biking, climbing, skiing or hiking – he’s there.

He is slowly developing a love for coffee, yet still struggles to make a good one for himself!

Alex loves tinkering, building and fixing things whenever possible. 

But more importantly, Alex’s first dog will be named Jaffa after Jaffacakes (which are cakes, not biscuits).