About Grease Monkey Cycles

Grease Monkey Cycles is an Edinburgh based bicycle and active travel infrastructure company.

Our business was born out of the need for hassle free cycling. We started with a service centre and then developed our bike repair station to support cycling everywhere. Naturally, we now supply and manufacture other products to help everyone enjoy their ride.


David Wray

Managing Director

David irons his shirts and loves to cook. His favourite bicycle was one owned when he was a kid, complete with rear hub brake meaning he could easily do the longest skid in his village.

Since then, his tastes have somewhat refined and his cycling areas of expertise have expanded to back country and bike packing.

 Other hobbies of his include a “wee bit of everything”. This entails skiing, sailing, climbing- generally anything outdoors.

Ali grew up in the great outdoors of Australia. As an avid traveller, she loves exploring the colder regions of the planet having been to both Antarctica and the Arctic. The best place to be? Anywhere on or near water, particularly the sea. 

You’ll usually find her knees deep in a spreadsheet, on a yoga mat or petting a dog.

Her first bike was bright orange, with no gears, or back-pedal brakes and she rode it everywhere.  

Ali Rogers

Commercial Manager

Ali Rogers

Alex Kinsley

Maintenance Engineer

Alex is big into mountains, whether it’s mountain biking, climbing, skiing or hiking – he’s there.

He is slowly developing a love for coffee, yet still struggles to make a good one for himself!

Alex loves tinkering, building and fixing things whenever possible. 

But more importantly, Alex’s first dog will be named Jaffa after Jaffacakes (which are cakes, not biscuits).  

Joe is obsessed with skiing but also loves Climbing , Mountain biking and traveling the world in search of new adventures.

He loves a good cup of tea in the morning to get the day off to a good start. 

First and foremost Joe is a creative person, who also loves to talk with new and interesting people.

While working for grease monkey cycles, Joe hope’s to get more into mountain biking.

Joe Stenning

Sales and Marketing Coordinator 

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Grease Monkey Cycles puts sustainability at the front of our priorities for the business. The current climate emergency drives everything we do. We want to genuinely create a more sustainable way of living, focusing on transportation in our daily lives and activities.

The UK government has set a Carbon Net Zero target by 2050 and to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels. One of the biggest challenges is to decarbonise transport and reduce fuel consumption.

Bicycles are energy efficient, do not contribute to noise pollution in urban environments and are a zero emission form of transport. The velobox unit physically provides 10 bike spaces within one car parking space, whilst also hoping to promote cycling. We want to:

  • provide a unit to securely store your bike to encourage the purchase and use of bicycles over other uses of fuel powered transport.
  • promote a sustainable mode of transportation in urban environments
  • illustrating the efficiency of bike use in comparison to vehicles.
  • persuade institutions, communities and businesses to further endorse our ethos and encourage their people to adopt cycling to and from their locations.

Environmental Commitment

We recognise our operations, processes and manufacturing all have an impact on the environment, including the design we create. We are committed to our business operations and sustainable design to minimise the impact of our activities on the natural environment. We are committed to:

  • conserving resources by ensuring energy efficiency in the units we design and supply
  • reducing waste generation at the source and encouraging recycling
  • specifying and promoting the use of recycled and recyclable materials to minimise the consumption of natural resources
  • preventing pollution and minimising adverse impacts on the environment and communities -considering the environmental, social and financial costs of products or services over the life-cycle

Future Design

The unit has been made with simple frame geometry, refined connection and ergonomics for easy use and durability. The materiality has been minimised, whilst also providing adequate security and robustness. We want to build a unit that is simple to install, maintain and endure inclement weather conditions and wear and tear to return maximum longevity. Grease Monkey Cycles are always refining its methods and processes in manufacturing and business to continually design for the future and provide the customer with their desired design.

The design is adaptable to fit different uses, it can be altered to house buggies, scooters and mobility units where required, to bring a design that lasts and can live out future changes and requirements. To achieve genuine sustainability, we ‘make it last’.