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The Grease Monkey Cycles Team

Grease Monkey Cycles team

Who are we?

Grease Monkey Cycles is an Edinburgh based bicycle services company operating throughout the central belt of Scotland focused on convenience. 

Why us?

Our business was born out of the need for hassle free cycle maintenance in a world with increasingly busy lives and little free time. People want to enjoy their precious spare time as much as possible, the ‘weekend warriors’ mountain biking at the weekend, the ‘mamils’ getting as many road miles in as possible when the weather permits and of course those who just rely on their bike as their main mode of transport.  No one enjoys having to take a sick or injured bike to have it fixed, let alone having to take time off from work, put it into the car, and drive it there.

Our bike servicing packages include free collection and delivery of your bike from your place of work or home between 9am and 9pm, 6 days per week.  We have a fleet of courtesy bikes, which can be borrowed if required, and we guarantee a turn around within 48 hours.


Our core values

If we were cut in two this is what it would say in the middle;

Integrity – We take pride in providing efficient, professional service on a timescale that fits around your busy life.

Empathy – We love riding as much as you, so we understand the need to get you back in the saddle as quickly as possible.

Authenticity – Face to face or over the phone we’ll be there for you and your bike from start to finish. We’re honest, upfront and professional, if it ain’t broke, we wont fix it.


What we do:

Maintenance optionsSimple Service, The Norm, Full Bhuna or odd jobs
Suspension Servicing – when the bo-ing is gone from your bounce
Emergency – for when you need a quick fix
Open Surgery – drop in clinic open all weekend
Spanner School – learn to DIY


Big Bananas, The Grease Monkey Cycles Team- who we are:


David irons his shirts and loves to cook. However when he is not being domestic, he also has a thing for palindromes and has found them strangely successful in choosing habitation. His favorite bicycle was one owned when he was a kid, complete with rear hub brake meaning he could easily do the longest skid in his village.

Since then, his tastes have somewhat refined and his cycling areas of expertise have expanded to back country and bike packing. Other hobbies of his include a “wee bit of everything”. This entails skiing, sailing, climbing- generally anything outdoors!

Grant is happiest cycling uphill and a scardey-cat coming down them. You’re likely to see him having a spin around Arthur’s Seat in the evening. He thinks pizza is the perfect food for carbo loading and recovery, especially if it is loaded with jalapenos.

He’s also started to develop a taste for black coffee as the milk is always running out in the workshop…

Rory dances worse than most peoples dads. Fact. He can also eat a scary amount of chicken. His areas of biking expertise are in downhill, all mountain and cross country. His first downhill bicycle was a black Santa Cruz V10 called Vanessa. Sadly she snapped when Rory hit a tree during an emergency horizontal stop and he has never quite gotten over her. When he’s not biking he plays American football for the Napier University Knights and East Kilbride Pirates.

Jamie has been a cross country mountain bike racer for over 7 years but has recently been getting slow due to ‘uni life’. He loves wild adventures and eating sandwiches.

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