Veloboxes 3.0

Secure convenient storage for up to six bikes

Our Veloboxes securely store six bikes whilst fitting two units side by side in a standard Scottish car parking bay. They are securely made offering a secure solution to long-term cycle parking and an effective way to protect bikes from tough weather conditions, vandalism and theft.

The Velobox is accessible for all cyclists and comes fitted with either a key lock or electronic lock – both of which comply with British Standard and Secure By Design.

Veloboxes are a great alternative to traditional bike sheds and are the perfect on-street bike storage solution. The storage units are suitable for all regular bike sizes, and can be customised to house cargo bikes and prams too. Each Velobox comes complete with a staggered bike rack which keeps bikes separate, avoids handlebars getting tangled, and provides a second level of security for each bike using chains or D-locks.

Velobox features:

  • Galvanised steel frame
  • Provides a safe and dry storage space for up to six bicycles
  • Gas struts help lift the door, so the unit is accessible for all abilities
  • Designed, manufactured and finished in Scotland, reducing our carbon footprint
  • Made from fully recyclable, responsibly-sourced steel

Optional upgrades include:

  • e-Bike charging points and photovoltaic panels
  • e-Scooter charging points
  • Optional powder coating available and custom branding
  • Customisable spaces for oversized bikes or prams
  • Charging points for electric vehicles

Installation details:

  • Mounted onto existing tarmac or concrete surface enabling fast installation

Cost: £4,500.00 + Delivery, Installation and VAT

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The products we manufacture are made in the UK in order to minimise our environmental impact.
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