Better Value Cycling

Even Better Value!

We are constantly trying to improve what we do so that you can ride more and enjoy it!
Recently we asked some of our customers for advice and we have now started to out it into practice.
Whilst some cyclists amongst you really enjoy the convenience of our collection and delivery option with our bike servicing, some riders also enjoy popping to our workshop with their bike to have it maintained. We wanted to make sure our pricing structure was being fair for everyone so we have re-structured our pricing. Prices are now as follows; we hope you’ll like them!

• Simple Service – £34.99
• Norm Service – £59.99
• Full Bhuna – £114.99
• Collection & Delivery – £5.00
• Priority Servicing – £10
• Courtesy Bike cycling-655565_1280– FREE!

Now then, thanks for reading and get back to enjoying riding in the heat wave!