Don't Feel Deflated

We can help solve the pain of getting a puncture. Whether it be at 9am or 8pm with outr Inner Tube Vending machines.

It’s something all bike commuters have experienced at one time or another, a flat tyre. A quick commute has turned into a trudge. And all the other commuters whizz by, of course the cycling community is a friendly one and someone might stop and help you out. But what if they don’t. What if you have to push the bike, for fear of damaging the rim all the way to work.

Most shops aren’t open and lets face it, when was the last time you seen an innertube in an express supermarket. Although to be fair to the small corner shops, I found hearing aid batteries in one where the supermakets didn’t.

It would be nice if these vending machines could be placed at strategic points along busy commuter routes, at train stations, outside cycle shops, at bike lock ups. Large offices with cycle storage could have them in that same area for convenience.

The vending machines actually started out life as cigarette vending machines and since they have been banned in a fair amount of countries. What better way to spend their metal machine lives than saving cyclists from the pain of a flat tyre.

If you or you think your company might benefit from having a innertube vending machine installed please get in touch with us, using the form.

They sit perfectly alongside our bicycle repair stations to offer cyclists a 24/7 support service, both could help you obtain Cycle Friendly Employer Award, Cycle Friendly Campus Award, Cycle Friendly School Award or if you are creating an Active Travel Hub.