Hutch Adventures – Chris Hutchens

Hutch Adventures – Chris Hutchens

Over the last few months, amongst the busy racing schedule, I’ve been fortunate enough to explore some of Scotland’s more remote areas and ride some superb mountain bike trails. It’s never ending and I’m constantly thinking of where to go next. Despite Scotland being relatively small I think you could spend a lifetime exploring and finding that next adventure.

In a small series of videos, some of which I’ve edited (production quality is pretty rustic) I’ve shared some solo missions and rides with friends. With mixed weather – one of the delights of Scottish riding – I’ve gone from East to West and ventured into the hills.

With close encounters with adders, low flying grouse and the occasional dog I’ve given the Vlog style videos a go. It’s a little insight into the riding in Scotland, what you can do with a little motivation, a Camelbak filled with food and the love of the outdoors.

The variety of riding on offer in Scotland is staggering and as you’ll see from my series of videos, which will be pushed out over Wideopenmag ( over the coming weeks and months, you can ride all over the country and not need to travel far either. Many of the routes shot are only an hour or so from some of the major cities in Scotland. Two locations I went to, Largs and Ben Lomond, are within striking distance of GreaseMonkey cycles in Glasgow. So what better a way than to spend a morning riding, get the bike cleaned and then drop your bike off for some TLC before an afternoon in town.

If there’s a route or place you think I should cover it would be great to have some requests. I’m always ears open ready to take advise on where to head next.