Our fantastic inner tube vending machines are created out of recycled cigarette machines!! They can offer you a revenue source as well as being convenient for users

They sit perfectly alongside our bicycle repair stations to offer cyclists a 24/7 support service, both could help you obtain Cycle Friendly Employer Award, Cycle Friendly Campus Award, Cycle Friendly School Award or if you are creating an Active Travel Hub.

Our Bike Repair Station includes
  • 175 inner tubes supplied with vending machine
  • Bolts onto a wall for safety
  • Easy to install
  • Customizable Colours
Costs & Options
  • £1720 + delivery & VAT
  • In some instances we can offer bulk discounts

Inner Tube Vending Machine

They started out in life as cigarette vending machines and then decided to change their ways for the greater good and help more people enjoy riding bikes.  The machines have been fully restored to give them a bright and healthy future.  A power supply isn’t required and are the perfect buddy for our Bike Repair Station selling the most commonly required bike spares, the humble inner tube!

Prices can easily be adjusted and the decision on which sizes to stock is up to you, but we are happy to advise if required.

These are also an ideal way to encourage more people to cycle to your office, campus or in your community.  Some grant funding may be available to you and the product could help you to obtain

or could be used to achieve Cycle Friendly Accommodation status with a little added funding help through the Secure Bike Storage Scheme from Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland and Visit Scotland.

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Yes, you can set whatever you want to charge

It can hold 60 tubes in six different sizes

They are 102 x 92 x 30 cm.