Loyalty Rewards

We really wanted to say thanks for all the support of our customers so thought it was time for loyalty rewards! You have many choices on who looks after your pride and joy so thank you for trusting us. The next phase of our improvement programme has seen us implement an automatic loyalty system as part of our investment in technology to serve you better and help us look after your steed. It has two main parts and works like this, the first stage applies discount on the cost of any additional labour proportionally dependent upon the service option chosen so if your bike is enjoying a Simple Service your discount on additional labour will be 10% and if you choose a Norm it will be 25%, our Full Bhuna service has no additional labour charges.

The second part is a reward system similar to those we get with our coffee problem.. but instead of a free cuppa we do this – 5% of the total of your current purchase is automatically deducted from your bill the next time you have your bike serviced, helping you enjoy a happier bike all the time!

Happy pedalling!