My new light: Product Review

I recently bought an Infini¬†Lava super bright micro front light for my bicycle- being a daily commuter and feeling the lights I currently had on just didn’t cut it.

When it arrived- I was shocked. This light is tiny!! But don’t be fooled- it is very, very bright. It clips on and off your handlebars or helmet in seconds and can slip into any sized pocket without being an annoyance.

As part of my route is an unlit cycle path- I was skeptical. Whilst this light definitely manages to light the way, for long night rides this wouldn’t be ideal. If you are wanting a super, super bright beam- go for something like the urban 500.

However, for riding around the city and wanting an easy, reliable, low hassle light- this is the one for me!

And… it is easily rechargeable- no more batteries!