Raleigh Choppers

The original Raleigh Chopper was patented in the UK in 1967 and the US in 1968. With the option of a single speed hub, or a 3- speed or 5- speed Sturmey Archer Gear Hub, it was marketed in the 1970’s as the cool kids bike of the decade. Surprisingly to note, the first designs for it were sketched onto the back of an airmail envelope, by a designer on a pensive flight home.

Whilst some say it was ousted in the 80’s by the BMX, some could say its creeping back in…

The 2015 John Player Special Edition Chopper released in very limited numbers went down a storm this summer. These are its features:

The Shimano 6-speed gearset gives you the speed and power you need on the streets, with RevoShifters for fast and easy gear changes. The frame is built in that classic Chopper style, with the Ape hanger bars and back pad.

The aluminium wheels match up with the 1970s’ Choppers – 16? in the front and 20? in the rear, with mudguards to keep the mud off and V-type brakes for smooth stopping.

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