Rohan’s first blog

Introducing Rohan Watson, he is a very fast young gun and the latest to join our ambassador team… enjoy!

Hi my name is Rohan Watson, I’m 13 years old and I live in Callander and I love to ride my bike as much as I can. Over the last few years I’ve been competing as a junior in Enduro and Mini Downhill races across Scotland with some pretty good results. This year I’m ramping up my racing and hope to make the podium more consistently. I’m really pleased to have Grease Monkey Cycles supporting me. I hope to write regular blogs keeping you update on the events I attend and other fun riding I’ve been doing through the year…..

Winter’s a quiet time for events but still good for getting loose in the mud and snow. So here’s a bit of info on what happened so far in the last few months.

Aberfoyle slip and slide:

The grand finale of 2016 was the annual slip and slide ride at Aberfoyle – organised by Scottish MTB legend and film maker – Stu Thompson. This was a total hoot, with 50+ riders ripping down the super steep, rooty, technical trails at Aberfolye. Really fun riding with some of Scotland’s top riders and great that everyone was just having a laugh and being really sociable…

Mixing it up with the big boys..

Innerleithen and Glentress:

In mid-January we were in Peebles for the weekend for a friend’s birthday ride. On the first day we rode at Innerleithen, it was really snowy but strangely grippy so we did laps of some of the new home grown techy trails – angry sheep and the trail next to it, really flowy, fast and great fun.

On the second day we were in Glentress riding some of the sweet Enduro trails including one with a really bizarre Strava name – “Cock nostril full” , I have no idea why it was called that but it was really fun, loamy, long and so worth the climb. Great weekend!

Training on our local trails

Most other weekends I’ve been training with friends on our local trails around Callander – Angry man, Franken Popper and the Crags. The first two are mega steep, really rutty and loamy and the Crags is really fast, flowy and steep with some great rock features, drops and technical sections. Get in touch if you would like me to show you round!

local trails

The 2017 season…..

Things start to get busier in March. First there’s a preseason training weekend run by the Abernethy trust with coaching by Sick Skill’s, then my first mini downhill race of the season run by Borders MTB at Innnerleithen. Shortly after that’s the first SDA race of the year at Ae Forest.

I’ll be writing regular updates to keep you up to date and tell you about all the fun I’ve been having. I hope you enjoyed my blog!