Last weekend Karl raced for Grease Monkey Cycles at the Strathpuffer 24 hour mountain bike race, finishing 22nd out of 92 solo riders. Heres a lowdown, and a little history on the race….

Strathpuffer History

The Strathpuffer started in 2005 – it was meant to be a one off local event but somehow nine years later it became a national event with a legendary status.

Over the years the Strathpuffer has had every possible type of weather conditions – gales that blew away the marquee, iced roads, 2ft of snow the week before the event, temperatures down to minus 10 degrees, rain, hail and even sunshine . . . .

The event now attracts competitors from all over the world – probably because it was included in the US Bike magazines top 10 toughest Mountain Bike events on the planet – and it is widely recognised as the event every decent mountain biker needs on his palmares.

Karl Zeiners Stats

Last weekend Karl finished 22nd of 92 solo riders. He did an amazing 17 laps of the 10.5km course, totally around 186km. He slept for 45 min between 5-6am otherwise kept going throughout the night. Whilst he started out in 48th, he climbed up the leaderboard through the night and the morning.

This is a tremendous achievement and all our congratulations go to him. Think you could do it? Let us know to help you start preparing for next year!