Workshop Wisdom – Bike Security

Bike Security – Lock Up

According to Edinburgh Council over 1000 bikes are stolen in Edinburgh every year, thats almost 3 every day! So how can this be prevented?

The best place to store your bike is indoors, but most are locked up outside. When locking your bike up outside ensure it is in an open busy area. If you have quick-release wheels make sure they are also locked up. Alternatively you can replace the quick release skewers with some that require a tool to remove. This is also advisable if you have a quick release seat post.

Bike security locks are rated, the higher the rating the more secure. You get what you pay for when buying a bike security locks so opt for the best you can afford. Ensure that the lock goes through the frame and wheels if required.

Bike Security – Branding

Also make sure whatever you are attaching your bike to is secure. To prevent thieves even further you can get your bike branded and registered with the police (around £5) and even fit a gps tracker, although this is very expensive.

Keep an eye out on our website and facebook page for pop-up workshops where bike registering will be taking place. You can also purchase locks through our website. A good method, that I use myself, is to ride an old bike and lock up next to more desirable ones. Even though this may provoke jealousy you can be sure the other bike will be stolen first.

Keep your bike secure!